My TiO

The App

The TiO Home App is a free download with a simple interface. Anyone using the app for the first time can operate the system. Installed devices automatically appear when the app is started. Simply name them and assign the room name.



Fun usually starts with music and TiO plays all the music in the world through the most popular streaming services and internet radio providers. Have a huge music collection? TiO streams content from your home network. Not enough? No problem! Just connect to your TiO system via AirPlay or Google Cast, or add another digital audio source.


It’s easy to see the status of lights throughout your home. Adjust brightness up or down with a single touch.


Just set the target temperature. TiO does the rest. Plus, we show you outside temps and five-day forecasts.


TiO gives you complete control of your home while you’re away. Forgot to turn out the lights or lock the doors? No problem!