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Getting Started with your New TiO System

This guide will show you the basics of owning a TiO system.

  • First-time setup of a TiO system
  • Downloading the TiO App
  • Controlling your TiO system
  • Setting up remote access
  • Setting up a PIN code (extra security)

Quick Start Guide

Lighting Label Template

Customizing your TouchLite 4® labels is incredibly easy. Simply select the template that best matches your configuration (1, 2 or 4), customize as you see fit, and print.

TL4 Labels

TL4 Labels w/ Artwork

Alexa by Amazon

Everything you need to know to activate TiO’s voice command with Alexa by Amazon.

Alexa FAQ’s

StealthStream® 1 Installation Guide

The StealthStream 1 is the most versatile and powerful digital audio zone player on the market, giving you easy access to all of today’s popular digital music services. Just got your StealthStream? Get started.

Stealth Stream Installation Guide