Google Assistant FAQs


Which parts of my TiO system can Google Assistant control?

  • TiO voice integration for Google Assistant works with lighting elements directly and can also control music and climate that are included in custom Experiences created in the TiO Home App. Devices and Experiences will appear under the “device” tab on the “Home Control” page of the Google Home app.
  • TiO StealthStream1 devices with Google Chromecast Built-in may appear as usable devices under Google Assistant. These devices CANNOT currently be controlled as stand-alone devices using TiO’s Google Assistant voice integration.


Do I need any additional hardware to use Google Assistant with my TiO System?

  • A Google Assistant compatible device is needed to use voice control with Google Assistant. This includes Google Home Smart Speakers, Android phones and tablets running 6.0+, smart watches, TV’s, Chromebooks and Smart Displays. If it can be used with Google Assistant, it can be used for voice control.


How do I control the system?

  • Use the commands “Hey/Okay Google” to Turn On” or “Turn Off” the element you wish to control. For example, to turn on your kitchen light say, “Okay Google, Turn on Kitchen Light.” To turn off the light say, “Okay Google, Turn off Kitchen Light.”
  • To control Experiences, you must use the command “Activate” before the Experience name. To turn off an Experience, create a second Experience in the TiO Home App that is the opposite of the first. For example, if you create an experience called “Welcome Home”, which turns on all of your lights, you can create an Experience called “Goodbye”, which would turn them all off.
  • To control an Experience that you have named “Goodbye” in your TiO Home say, “Okay Google, activate Goodbye.”
  • Dimmable lighting elements can be dimmed by stating the element name and the dim level. To dim the kitchen light say, “Ok Google, Dim Kitchen Light to 50%.”


How do I turn off Experiences?

  • Experiences are a group of settings in the TiO App to control multiple elements at once. To control one using Google Assistant you’ll need to create a second Experience with the opposite settings in your TiO Home App.


Some of my element names are really long and hard to say to Google Assistant. Can I simplify them?

  • Custom nicknames can be set for devices in the Google Home app. Select the device you wish to name and select the option, “tap to set nickname”. Creating custom nicknames will not affect device names in the TiO Home App.
  • Names of elements and Experiences will match the element and space names set for the devices in your TiO Home App. Element names can be viewed by opening the TiO Home App and selecting “Settings> Manage Elements”. Experiences can be viewed by selecting the “Experiences” tab on the TiO Home App’s home screen.
  • In the Google Home app, element names can be viewed via the “devices” tab on your “Home Control” menu. To access the menu, select the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the app and select “Home Control.”


What names can I use?

  • The names of elements and Experiences in the Google Home app will match the configuration of element names and Experiences as configured in your TiO Home App. Any name can be used.
  • For ease of use, we suggest naming lighting elements simple terms such as “Light,” “Lamp” or “Dimmer” as the element Name and the name of the room as the space/room name in the TiO App.


How do users enable Google Assistant for use with their TiO Home System?

  • Voice integration with TiO requires an up to date TiO MC2 as well as the most current version of the TiO Home App for iOS and Android. To update the MC2, visit the setting page of the TiO Home App and select “check for updates”. The TiO Home app can be updated via the Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores.
  • Users sign up for voice integration for Google Assistant while authorizing their TiO Home System for remote access. This can be done from the “Settings” menu in the TiO Home App. Once you have created a username and password navigate to the Google Home or app and access the menu using the button on the top left corner of the home screen. Select “Home Control” and choose the + sign to add devices. Locate the “TiO Home service” in the list. Use the email address and password you created for remote access to log in.
  • Your devices will appear listed on the screen in alphabetical order. Dimmable light switches will appear with a light bulb icon, Experiences will appear with a movie clapboard icon, and switches will appear with a switch icon.
  • On first time setup of a device, Google will ask you to assign it to a room. Rooms are a good way to separate your devices in the Google app by assigning them based on where in your home they are located. Rooms can be accessed via the “Rooms” tab on the “Home Control” page.


I’ve already signed up for Remote Access. How would I enable Google Assistant?

  • To enable Google Assistant for use on a system that is already authorized for remote access, open your TiO Home App and go to “Settings”, “Permanently Revoke Remote Access”. Once remote access has been revoked, restart your TiO Home App and complete the steps for setting up remote access again.
  • If switching from Alexa to Google Assistant, it is not necessary to revoke remote access to enable voice integration with Google. Simply navigate to the Google Home App and complete setup as described above.


I want to enable Voice Integration, but do not want to authorize my system for remote access.

  • When you complete the remote authorization sign up, you will be prompted to call the support line and provide the serial number, MC ID and device ID for your TiO system. If you are only enabling voice integration, skip this step. You only need to complete this step if you would like to authorize remote access.


I’ve created a new Experience in the TiO Home App. How do I add it to my Google Assistant?

  • No additional steps are necessary to add new devices or Experiences to Google Assistant. Your account will automatically update as you make changes in the TiO Home App.
  • If an Experience is not appearing in the Google App, try editing the name in the TiO Home app. This may prompt your Google account to update and the newly named Experience should appear.


Am I able to combine TiO’s Home Automation features with features specific to the Google Home App?

  • TiO lighting elements and Experiences can utilize the “Routines” feature in the Google Home App. This can be used to combine your Experiences with tasks such as your device reading you the top new stories, giving you a traffic report for your commute to work, or reading off your calendar for the day.
  • To access the Routine setup menu, open the Google Home App and navigate to the settings menu by accessing the main menu and selecting “more settings”. Scroll down until you find the “Routines” option.
  • To add, remove, and edit Routines select the lighting or experience from the settings menu and choose from Google’s preset category list of 6 Routines. Once inside the Routine you are able to set a custom command to activate the Routine, as well as the actions you would for Google Assistant to take when you say the command. TiO lighting elements will appear under the option labeled “Adjust Lights, Plugs and More” TiO Experiences will appear under “Adjust Scenes”.