Alexa FAQs

What parts of my TiO system can Alexa control?

  • TiO voice integration for Alexa works with lighting elements by themselves. It can also control music and climate that are included in custom Experiences that the user creates in the TiO Home App. Experiences can be viewed under the “scenes” tab in the Smart Home tab of the Alexa App.

How do I control the system?

  • Simply tell Alexa to “Turn On” or “Turn Off” the Element you wish to control. For example, to turn on your kitchen light use “Alexa, Turn on Kitchen Light.” To turn off the light use “Alexa, Turn off Kitchen Light.”
  • To Control Experiences, you must use the command “Turn On” before the Experience Name. To turn off an Experience, create a second Experience in the TiO Home App that is the opposite of the first. For example, if you create an experience called Welcome Home, which turns on all of your lights, you can create an Experience called Goodbye, which would turn them all off.
  • Dimmable lighting elements can be dimmed by stating the Element name and the dim level. To dim the kitchen light use “Alexa, Dim Kitchen Light to 50%.”
  • To control an Experience that you have named “Goodbye” in your TiO Home use “Alexa, Turn on Goodbye.”

How do I turn off Experiences?

  • Experiences are a group of settings in the TiO App to control multiple elements at once. To control one using your Alexa device you’ll need to create a second Experience with the opposite settings in your TiO Home App.

Some of my Element names are really long and hard to say to Alexa. Can I simplify them?

  • If you set a unique name for the lighting element, it will make it easier for Alexa to understand. For example, if you only have one light in your family room and it’s called Family Room Light, you can control it through Alexa just by saying “Alexa, Turn on Family Room.”
  • You can also edit the names of your lights in the Alexa App without them affecting the names in your TiO Home App. To edit names in Alexa, click on a device and select the edit button in the top right corner.

How can I check the names of my Elements and Experiences?

  • Names of elements and experiences will match the element and space names set for the devices in your TiO Home App. Element names can be viewed by opening the TiO Home App and selecting “Settings> Manage Elements”. Experiences can be viewed by selecting the Experiences tab on the TiO Home App’s home screen.
  • Element names will show up under the “devices” tab of the Smart Home menu in the Alexa App. Experiences will appear under “Scenes.”

Are there any easier ways to add devices?

  • Once you’ve done the initial setup, you just need to tell Alexa to scan for devices, and new devices will be added.

What names can I use?

  • The names of Elements and Experiences in Alexa will match the configuration of Element names and Experiences as configured in your TiO Home App.
  • For ease of use, we suggest naming Lighting elements with simple terms such as “Light,” “Lamp” or “Dimmer” as the Element Name, and the name of the room as the Space/Room name in the TiO App.

How do users enable Alexa use with their TiO Home System?

  • Users sign up for Alexa by authorizing their device for remote access. This can be done from the settings menu in the TiO Home App. Once you have created a username and password, you will need to go to the Alexa App and enable the TiO Home Skill. You will then need to select “Add Devices” and the Alexa app will scan and load all of the users current TiO Elements and Experiences.

I’ve already signed up for Remote Access. How would I enable Alexa?

  • To enable Alexa for use on a system that is already authorized for Remote Access, open your TiO Home App and go to “Settings> Permanently Revoke Remote Access”. Once Remote Access has been revoked, restart your TiO Home App and complete the steps for setting up remote access again.

I want to enable Alexa, but do not want to authorize my system for Remote Access.

  • When you complete the remote authorization sign up, you will be prompted to call the support line and provide the serial number, MC ID, and App ID for your TiO system. This step in the process is not necessary for Alexa use. If you wish to use both voice control and remote access, you must complete this step.

I completed setup, but I want to add an Experience or Element.

  • The Alexa skill app can load all of your TiO light elements and all experiences with the push of a button. Simply visit the Smart Home page of the Alexa App and select the “Add Device” option. The app will then scan for and add any new experiences and devices.

Can I control my TiO Elements from the Alexa App as well?

  • Elements must be configured for use in the TiO Home app before they can be added to or used with Alexa. Once they have been added to the Alexa app they can be controlled from the Smart Home page of the Alexa App.

I have smart devices not currently associated with the TiO Home App. Is there a way to add them to the TiO App to control with Alexa?

  • Once added to the Alexa App, TiO Elements can be combined with non-TiO smart devices to create custom Groups and Scenes accessible only in the Alexa App. Groups and Scenes with non-TiO Elements cannot be utilized in the TiO Home App.
  • Users can set up Routines in the Alexa App to group Alexa functions with TiO Home Elements and Experiences. Select Routines from the left-side menu of your Alexa App for setup.
  • You can also use routines in the Alexa app to make groups of Elements. For example, it’s possible to group all of your lights together for ease of use.