My TiO


Master Coordinator®

The MC2 Master Coordinator™ is the foundation of the TiO ecosystem and is responsible for creating the magic that is TiO. The MC2 creates a special TiO network subnet keeping the home network clear of all TiO traffic. Simple in concept, but creating a dedicated hidden network allows TiO to do all the hard stuff in the background.

Stealth Stream

The TiO StealthStream 1™ (AZSS1) is the most versatile and powerful digital audio zone player on the market. The AZSS1 gives you easy access to all of today’s popular digital music services – it supports Airplay and GoogleCast that streams music from your favorite portable device. With an integrated 100 watt amplifier, the AZSS1 provides big high-resolution audio sound, but still, fits in the palm of your hand.

TouchLite 4®

The TouchLite 4®’s (TL4) elegant and functional design features adaptable touch sensitive buttons, Decora® styling and easy custom labeling. The TL4 provides maximum flexibility as it can be configured with one button, two buttons or four buttons right from the TiO Home App. Each of these buttons can be assigned any TiO system function for control – Moods, Experiences, Music functions, security panel arm, etc.

Lamp Dimmer

The Lamp Dimmer (LMPNA and LMPM) is an easy way to provide TiO system control of a lamp, portable fan or other plug-in devices. The LMPx provides all the control flexibility of the TouchLite 4® and is configured and controlled right from the TiO Home App.

TiO Connect

Ever wonder how the TiO system can do so much? TiO Connect is a suite of hardware devices that provides communication and control of non-TiO devices and systems, allowing control of your thermostat, light bulbs, fans, garage, shades and much more. Getting into the specifics is boring, but if you want your system to do more, TiO Connect is where to start.