My TiO

Customizing Your TiO Home


Through the TiO Home App you can create whole house TiO Experiences™ for the ultimate in comfort and control. TiO Experiences seamlessly orchestrate multiple rooms and elements to completely automate your home’s lights, climate and music. You can schedule Experiences or sync them with sunset and sunrise. Imagine having all the power to perfectly create your ultimate home environment, right in the palm of your hand. No instruction manual, no computer and no service call. Just you and TiO making it happen. Sound good? We think so too!

Through our TiO Home App, you can quickly and easily create unique TiO Moods™ in every room in your home. To capture a Mood, simply walk into a room, set all the elements to your desired levels and tap “Capture Mood”. Instantly every nuance is saved and can be recreated whenever you want. Want to add more Moods? Maybe you changed your mind? No problem! Just add another Mood or edit an existing one. Does it get any easier?


Your TiO system can be controlled manually, if you’re old school like that, by the use of the TouchLite 4® (TL4). The TL4 can control virtually anything including all types of lights, fans, music, security, shades and more.

Customizing how the TL4 works is really easy. You decide how many buttons there are (1-, 2- or 4-button configurations) and what each one does via the TiO Home App. With TiO simply launch the app, make the changes and move on. You can even change the custom labels whenever you want.